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2. 12 Mini Games Simulation

  • 1. Balloons Free Play

    Your objective is to pump balloons and maximize your earnings. 

    In this game, you are asked to push a button to pump the balloon. Each pump adds to your earnings, and you can decide when to stop and collect your money. The bigger the balloon gets, the more reward you will receive. However, if you over-pump, the balloon bursts, and your earnings for that balloon will vanish.

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  • 2. Arrows

    Your objective is to determine the arrow directions from quick flashing arrows. 

    In this game, you will encounter different sets of flashing arrows that are displayed for only a split second. Each set usually includes 5 arrows. Press the cursor key corresponding to the arrow's direction displayed on the screen. Your response will vary for each set, following two rules:

    • For blue or black arrows, indicate the direction of the middle arrow.
    • For red arrows, indicate the direction of the side arrows.
  • 3. Stop

    Your objective is respond as quickly as possible when a specific color of a shape flashes on screen. 

    In this game, you will see 2 shapes in 2 colors. Press the button when red shapes appear and refrain from pressing for green ones. The challenge is that red and green shapes appear rapidly and that demands both speed and accuracy. The pressure of the test makes it quite challenging.

  • 4. Towers

    Your objective is to rearrange the disks to match the model, using as few moves as you can.

    In this game, you will be given a target tower that you are supposed to build, comprising 5 different colored disks. These disks follow a specific top-to-bottom sequence. You will have three tower slots at your disposal to relocate the disks, with the restriction that only the top disks can be moved. You'll have a two-minute time limit to solve the puzzle, and you won't see the target tower arrangement before commencing the game.

  • 5. Money Exchange 1

    Your objective is to send any amount of money to your virtual partner and rate the fairness level based on your partner’s actions. 

    In this game, you're paired with a virtual partner. You start with $10 and can choose to send any sum to your partner, which triples on arrival. Then, your partner decides how much to return. Finally, you are prompted to assess the fairness of your game partner using a scale from zero to ten.

  • 6. Money Exchange 2

    The second Money Exchange game has similar objective to the first but with 2 rounds and there is no tripling in the amount and no return transfer.

    There are 2 rounds in this game:

    1. In the first round, both you and your paired partner begin with $5, but one of you has an additional $5. If you are the recipient in this scenario, you are asked to send an amount ranging from $0 to $5.
    2. In the second round, which is independent of the first round, both you and your partner begin with $5. However, this time, you have the option to either give or take an amount ranging from $0 to $5 from your partner.

    At the end of each round, you are asked to rate the fairness of the transaction on a scale from 0 to 10.

  • 7. Lengths

    Your objective is to see a picture of a face with a short or a long mouth. You need to figure out which one it is and react. 

    In the game, you'll be shown two types of faces for a brief moment. If a face has a short mouth, press the left cursor key; if it has a long mouth, press the right cursor key. The challenge is that the faces look identical.

  • 8. Cards

    Your objective is to conclude the game with the highest possible amount of money.

    In this game, your task involves drawing cards from four distinct decks. Each draw can lead to either a gain or a loss in money. During card draws, outcomes can swing in either a winning or losing direction. There is no time constraint.

  • 9. Easy or Hard

    Your objective is to earn as much reward as you can under 2 minutes from doing either easy or hard tasks in each round.

    In this game, you will be presented a choice between easy or hard task with a probability of earning a reward if you perform the task successfully. Below are the details of the 2 tasks.

    • For the easy task, you have 3 seconds to hit the spacebar 5 times and you can earn $1
    • For the hard task, you have 12 seconds to hit the spacebar 60 times and you can earn between $1.24 and $4.30. 

    In each round, the profitability of winning rewards and hard task rewards vary. You need to choose one task in 5 seconds, else the game will choose it for you.

  • 10. Digits

    In this game, your goal is to remember as many digits as possible.

    These digits will swiftly appear on your screen, and once they're done, you'll need to remember and type them in the right order. The number of digits will increase by one for a correct sequence and decrease by one for an incorrect one. The game concludes after three failed attempts.

  • 11. Keypresses

    Your objective is to press a key on your keyboard as many times as you can within a specified time.

    In this game, your task is simple - press a key on your keyboard as many times as you can within a specified time.

    This game evaluates how well you can comprehend and follow instructions. You need to start pressing the key only when you're told and stop right when you're told.

  • 12. Faces

    Your objective is to recognize emotions expressed through a person’s facial expressions.

    You will view pictures of individuals displaying various facial expressions. You will be presented with 14 facial expressions and your task is to select the word that you think best describes the person's emotions. Certain pictures might come with a brief story explaining a situation.

    Images paired with situation descriptions allow 30 seconds to answer, while those without description allow only 7 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • *Is the mini game simulation free to play?

    You can play Balloons game for FREE. Sign Up now to enjoy unlimited play.

    Please note that the games are available for FREE only for a limited time. Take advantage of this opportunity while you still can!

  • How long will I have access to the games?

    You will have access to the free version of mini game simulation for limited time only. You will have unlimited practice during this timeframe.

    For full version of the mini games, you have personal access for 40 days from the date of purchase.

    Our MBB Super Bundle & BCG/Bain Bundle include access to the games, along with our proprietary case interview preparation content to help you land a job at BCG.

  • How do I access the game simulation after signing up?

    To access the mini games, follow these three steps:

    1. Ensure you are logged in. If not, you can sign in here.

    2. Once you are logged in, access all your enrolled courses by clicking on 'My Dashboard' located in the top right corner of our web page.

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  • What is your refund policy?

    CaseBasix offers 1 mini pymetric game for FREE. Sign up here and explore.

    If a customer finds errors/issues in our content that prevent the customer from completing the game AND can provide the specific,the customer can request a partial, or in some specific cases, up to a full refund, provided that the customer requests a return before finishing 3 paid videos, 3 paid games or within 24 hours of the purchase, whichever comes first.

    A reason such as "I did not like the content, It is not seamless, game motion triggers my photosensitivity, or similar" would not be qualified for a refund.