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1. Case: Murphy Oil to Improve Gas Stations Profitability

  • Interactive BCG Casey Chatbot FREE Practice

    Question Type: There is a problem, find & fix

    Industry Knowledge & Business Acumen:

        Oil & Gas Retail, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores 

        Grocery stores/Supermarkets

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2. Case: Ghana’s Sackey Internet Cafe to Build a New Copy Center

  • Interactive BCG Casey Chatbot

    Question Type: There is a problem, find & fix

    Industry Knowledge & Business Acumen:

        IT Industry

        Developing Nation 

        Small Business

3. Case: Lobix Entertainment Ltd. to Maximize Revenues from Chicken Cross

  • Interactive BCG Casey Chatbot

    Question Type: Increase revenues; new product launch

    Industry Knowledge & Business Acumen:

        Video Gaming Industry

        App Development


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