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MBB Study Plan: 4 steps to build confidence

MBB Study PlanTM

MBB Study Plan

4 Steps to Success

  • Awareness 

    Learn what to do: Understand the basics of each module, common challenges candidate face, and how CaseBasix can help you overcome these challenges.
  • Knowledge 

    Learn how to do: Watch how each module is used in a fully solved case.
  • Skill

    Do it yourself: Practice more than 10,000+ questions to build competency in each module.
  • Mastery 

    Master cases: Master casing through professional help and discipline practice. Integrate all modules in MBB Case CompositeTM.


Structured Syllabus: 3 question types to cover MBB cases!

MBB Interview SyllabusTM

3 Question Types

  • Client has a problem, find & fix

    Operational strategy: Client has a problem, find root cases & fix them. Decreasing profits, revenues, etc.
  • Client wants to defend their turf

    Defensive strategy: Defend client’s business from perceived threats like new entrants, government rules, etc.
  • Client wants to explore

    Exploration strategy: Help the client in various areas like:
    • Increase profit, revenue
    • Changing prices
    • Launching products
    • Launching new business
    • Mergers & Acquisitions


Optimize Prep Time: 6 core modules to solve any case!

MBB Case CompositeTM

6 Core Modules

  • Module 1: Case Open 

    Open any case with confidence.
  • Module 2: Structure

    Build bespoke structures for all types of cases.
  • Module 3: Brainstorm

    Generate creative structured ideas & prioritize key ones.
  • Module 4: Data & Graphs

    Confidently analyze data/charts & draw actionable insights.
  • Module 5: Problem Solving

    Vocalize & solve business math problems.
  • Module 6: Speed Math 

    Implement speed math within a case context.
  • Super Module: MG Case MatrixTM

    Learn the case interview landscape & case question types.
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